Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Cent Tuesday - Soap Creations kit

I got the Innovations Soap Creations soap making kit and one weekend my mom, roommate and I tried our hands at melt and pour soap making.  The kit comes with a melting pot and warmer, a chunk of glycerin soap, and a mold.  The instructions are very simple.  Cut chunks of the soap, melt it in the pot, and then fill the molds.  The pot is like a hopper with a valve on the bottom so you can easily stop the flow while filling the mold.  However the melting pot was a major disappointment.  As the soap was melting it began to leak, unknowingly to us, all under the warmer!  We thought maybe we got something in there that didn’t allow it to seal completely so we cleaned it up well and tried to melt some soap a second time.  Again, it leaked out of the pot onto the counter.  We manage to make 4 little soaps with what didn’t leak out and added some essential oils and lavender flowers to fancy them up.  I would not recommend this particular brand to start your soap making adventures.  

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