Friday, February 10, 2012

Fiber to fashion

I used to wonder what a pound of wool looked like.  It looks like this! -->

Craftster is doing a "Fiber to Fashion" challenge, where you have to spin your own yarn and then knit/crochet/weave something from it.  Having never spun in my life, of course I had to jump right into that.  So I found a lady on craigslist selling Icelandic roving, fashioned a drop spindle from a wooden dowel and a cd spindle, and learned from Youtube how it all works together. 

Its so easy, and I could spin for hours.

My first spin came out surprisingly even.  That skein of 2 ply turned out to be 88 yards.  I just finished two more thinner singles that I will be plying together tonight and then I get to try dyeing!  I haven't decided what to knit for the challenge yet.  Hopefully the yarn will tell me what it wants to be when its a pretty color. :)