Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two cent Tuesday - How to get half off organics

Organic food can be a little pricey sometimes but I've learned how you can get at least half off of your organic celery and green onions if you're willing to get your hands dirty. lil fish studios demonstrated how to regrow green onions.  I've tried two methods as shown below.
Method #1-Started

Method #2-Plant root tips in soil.

Method #1-After 10 days

Method #2- After 10 days

You can keep cutting the long greens, and they will keep growing new ones for a while. So technically you can get more than double for your money.  I'm still not sure what the ones in the soil will do since this is the first time I've tried that method.

After 1 week
With the celery, I cut the bottom 2 inches off then put in in a bowl with 1 inch of water until I saw little roots beginning to grow.  then I planted it in a small pot. Putting it in the water isn't necessary, rather it was for my own satisfaction.  I like to see things happening.  Waiting for seeds to germinate is almost agonizing. Another couple weeks and I should be able to harvest round 2 of organic celery.
After 2 weeks

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