Monday, May 21, 2012

"One small change" Update - Don't door my bro!

Its been almost a month since I posted the "one small change" challenge.  I had resolved to commute to work once a week for the first month.  The first week went well.  we left quite early so we wouldn't have to rush and traffic was light.  The second week, it rained everyday so we didn't ride.  The third week's ride was a bit rough because of some road construction and potholes.  The fourth week didn't happen due to my brother's mishap.

He was out riding for leisure when he was doored.  He took the corner of the door in his shoulder and it left a pretty nasty gash.  It took ten stitches to close it up.  His bike is un-rideable with bent handle bars and wheels out of true. Maybe I should get this shirt for him. Though she was at fault, the lady who doored him had the nerve to say she wanted money to fix her car.

Though I won't commute by bike until my riding partner is healed and in the saddle again, I'm still riding for pleasure.  This weekend I'll be taking my mountain bike out on some trails.

I'm also adopting one more small change.  Instead of buying boxes of kleenex, I'll be using hankies, as my grandpa used to call them.  Actually I have a ton of bandanna's that will serve the purpose and they will barely take any room in the washing machine with the rest of the load.

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