Thursday, April 12, 2012

Growin' shrooms

Last summer, I got a reishi mushroom patch.  They are known to be very beneficial to the body and in Asian countries are even called “supernatural mushrooms”.  It was an interesting little experiment.  The patch came in a plastic bag that you cut the top off and then keep it moist by spraying it with water 3 times a day.  Eventually little white knobs popped up.  After the caps fan out and spore you cut them.  They're a corky consistency so they're not a mushroom you would want to eat as-is.  I sliced, then dried mine.  The steeped “tea” made a delicious addition to my mushroom soup.  I’ve read it can be bitter but I didn’t agree with that.

After all my mushrooms spored and were harvested I took it to my parents’ garage to sit until I could find a tree to inoculate with it.  This past weekend when I went to find some potting soil in the garage, to my delight, I saw my patch there and some baby reishis were popping up!  So now its back in my house being sprayed daily in hopes of another good harvest.

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