Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dyeing Handspun Yarn

With a vacation interrupting my craft time for the Fiber to Fashion challenge, I wasn't able to get my project done in time to enter it.  I was afraid to have my knitting needles confiscated at the airport, which prevented me from taking it with to work on.  So, since then, I've been taking my time, and working on other projects in between.

I pre-treated both of the skeins by soaking them in a vinegar solution. Then I dyed them one at a time in Kelly Green Rit according to the box directions.  The first skein was spun thicker and turned out a darker teal green and the second was thinner and turned a sort of light mint green. After I was done using the dye for the wool, I put some cotton in and it turned a vibrant Green.

I don't have a good place to hang wool to dry at my place, so I just wrapped it from some seats to the china hutch.  When it had dried over night, I spun it into a ball and got to knitting a hat.  My inspiration came from the book boutique Knits, but I'm making it up as I go, rather than following the pattern.  I've never done that before so I'm nervous about the outcome.  I'll post pictures when I've finished it.

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