Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Antler necklace holder

When I keep my jewelry out of site in my jewelry box, I tend not to wear it.  So I needed to make some sort of display/holder.
A while back I found this antler trophy at an estate sale and originally I thought I would just paint them fun colors and hang it as a decoration, but I figured it would function well for my Jewelry display needs.

It was pretty dingy so I cleaned it up after I disassembled it and removed the ropes.  I put a layer of gesso on the plaque and the "mound" and let it dry overnight.  Then I painted those parts periwinkle with acrylic and let it dry.  After that, I put on a second layer of paint and let it dry, and then a third layer to make sure it was well coated, and let it dry.  For the front of the plaque I decoupaged a piece of scrapbook paper on it and let it dry.  To help protect it a little more, a layer of polyurethane spay was put over the paper and I had to let it dry before reassembling.  There was some sparky purple cord in my stash so I put that where the ropes were.  And to finish it off I put dollops of hot glue along the antlers to keep the necklaces hanging separately, and let it dry.  That was a LOT of waiting for things to dry, but eventually it was all finished and I was able to hang it and put my necklaces on it and I'm quite chuffed with it.  I think it still may need a bow on the top but I need to find the right color ribbon.  I can stick some rings on the top points as well.

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