Friday, March 28, 2014

Foodie Friday - Sprouted Lentils

     I made lentil soup and boosted the nutritional level a bit by sprouting the lentils first.  Soaking also makes the legumes release phytic acid which is good because we can't digest it.  Phytic acid is also an anti-nutrient, meaning that it binds to minerals in our foods and makes it so we can't absorb them.  Weed 'em and Reap has a good article explaining the benefits of sprouting and soaking different foods here.  There is also a great infographic on how long to soak different seeds and nuts.

     Sprouting is very simple.  All I have here is a mason jar with a sprouting lid that has holes for straining.  After soaking, you just rinse twice a day and let the excess moisture drain from the upside down jar for a couple days.  The lids only cost a couple dollars but I imagine if you're the DIY type you could drill little holes in a lid you have or cut a circle of craft canvas to go under a regular jar ring.

Sprouted lentils are also a great treat for chickens in the winter when they can't scratch and peck for other greens and bugs.

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