Friday, May 10, 2013

My little pinch pot

     I decided to take a ceramics course, despite never actually conquering play dough as a kid. The only clay piece I ever made  in elementary school broke in the kiln.  The first thing we did was squeeze and work the clay to discover how it was manipulated in our hands.  The result...a primitive pinch pot.
"Snail" glaze inside, the brown is bare clay and clear glaze over all.

     I am considering doing a "50 projects in 2013" challenge.  Basically you just make or finish 50 projects of any crafty kind within the year.  On one hand, I think I should try this because I'm a terrible finisher and this might motivate me to complete what I start.  On the other hand I'm a terrible finisher, and I will probably fail.  Not a great attitude but at least I'm realistic.  So I think I'll count this as my first project and see how far I can get.

Project 1/50 2013

For trade or sale

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